Watercolor and colored pencil illustration of a cute whimsical mouse putting on rain boots as rain clouds roll in

Mouse prepares for oncoming thunderstorms

This little mouse finished her morning snorkel just in time! The rain is rolling in, so she’d better don some appropriate footwear.

Watercolor and colored pencil illustration of a cute whimsical mouse sleeping in a grapevine nest, listening to a record play on a record player, with a moonlit boat in the background

Nina Simone by Moonlight

I think this mouse fell asleep listening to Nina Simone records. But, perhaps I am wrong. What do you think she’s listening to?

Watercolor and colored pencil illustration of a cute whimsical mouse snorkeling underwater investigating a pink anemone

Mouse meets a new anemone friend

You know what they say: Keep your friends close and your anemonies closer!

Kidlit illustration of a young child racing towards a hidden Easter egg, while silly chickens scatter in all directions

Easter Egg Hunt

As a child, I couldn’t have a cat or dog, so all of my love went towards my pet chickens. We spent so much time together!🥰

The little girl in this illustration is perhaps too excited about finding her Easter egg to be mindful of her chickens, but, I don’t think they really care too much. Except maybe the hen in the bottom right, who just. can’t. with this holiday. 🥹🙃

Illustration of a grumpy cat in a party hat being offered a piece of cake on a fork

This should have been an email

This fluffy cat does not understand why we need to celebrate anything.

And even if we did need to celebrate, couldn’t we have done so in an email?

He does not want cake. He does not want his party hat. He wants to go back into his cold bathtub of loneliness.

Close up of the bottom of a pogo stick with hippo feet riding it. The stick is splashing a huge puddle onto a frog, with a sign that says 'dont splash me'

Pogo Sticking Hippo Creates a Splash

Rolf the pogo sticking hippo believes himself to be one of the most impressive pogo stickers in the world.

He can jump very high. He can twirl very twirly. He’s pogot the pogoing juice.

Childrens book illustration of a large dog riding a motorcycle off a roof, to jump over a fox jogging through a colorful city

Who says lazy dogs can’t jump? 😉

This one is in honor of fountain pen people, who have “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” burned into the backs of their eyelids. It is also in honor of my dog Saoirse (who is part mastiff and St. Bernard), who would definitely prefer to take her walks without actually walking.🥹

Here the lazy dog has found a way to jump over the quick brown fox! You can be lazy and still love adventure and excitement.

A pencil illustration of a young girl riding a train with a lot of creepy box headed robots. She is wearing a box on her head to fit in.

Sneaking in, under cover

The world has been taken over by robots. Good thing there are plentiful cardboard boxes around to use as a disguise.

Mindy Lou is riding into the city with the robot workforce to learn what is going on at the main factory.