Kid lit illustration of a cat who has proudly caught a computer mouse

Cat Finally Catches Mouse

As a wise cat once told me, “If at first you don’t succeed, change the rules of success.”

An elderly white man sits at a table eating a sandwich. His fat dog sits across from him on a bench, staring wistfully at the sandwich.

Some for me too, please

A man in a yellow jacket enjoys his cheeseburger. He is thinking about all the things he has to do later today.

His dog, Peggy, has clearly already had a few cheeseburgers too many. Yet, she would not mind one more, anyway. Or maybe just a bite?

Digital illustration done in procreate.

Pencil illustration of a whimsical fat robin in a chef's hat, sitting proudly on top of the holiday berry pie they made from holly berries

Robin Bakes their First Holly Berry Pie

This little robin took on a project that they thought was too large– baking a pie from all the holly berries ripening on the big holly tree!

But now they are glad they tried, because it feels so good to have finished it. It smells fantastic, too. They can’t wait to eat this berry pie with their family and friends for a winter holiday dinner.

Illustration of a fluffy cat, upside down, getting carried up by a single pink balloon.

Sometimes it’s too easy to get carried away.

A fluffy gray cat is seeking out a new perspective.